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Fwd: Stop Oil companies from destroying the Arctic

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Dear supporter,

The Arctic is one of the last pristine environments on Earth, and one
of the most fragile. It's the habitat of polar bears, Arctic foxes,
narwhals and other unique species that can only survive here. Climate
change is changing this beautiful place for good, but as the ice melts
the oil giants - which played a major part in creating this
environmental crisis - see a business opportunity.

This year Shell wants to start drilling for oil off Alaska, and if
they succeed they'll spark a new Arctic oil rush. A spill here would
be impossible to contain and have devastating impacts on this unique

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We need to keep the oil rigs out of the Arctic and protect this
beautiful place and the creatures that live there. We can only do this
with your help. Act now! Click here.

The greed of Shell is just the start of the great Arctic carve-up.
Right now the area around the North Pole belongs to all of us -
including you - but some countries are trying to claim it for
themselves. They want to kick open the door to the big oil companies
and the industrial fishing fleets that have emptied the seas to the

We have to stop them, and you are key to making this happen. Only with
you and millions of people from all over the world will we be able to
create pressure on world leaders and declare a global sanctuary in the
unclaimed area around the pole, and push for a ban on oil drilling and
industrial fishing in Arctic waters.

The Arctic needs you. You can save it. Add your name and your voice
now. Click here.

We'll take your name and a million others and plant them on the
seabed, 4km beneath the North Pole. And we'll mark the spot with a
Flag for the Future. With your name at the bottom of the ocean at the
top of the world you'll draw a line in the ice and say to the
polluters, "You come no further."

The Arctic is calling and needs your help.

Thank you very much for your support,

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Ben Ayliffe
Polar campaigner

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